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Online Game Development Specialists The Multiplayer Guys join the Improbable team

Hi all,

Today, we’re very pleased to announce that The Multiplayer Guys, a multiplayer games service company, is joining the Improbable team and company.

The Multiplayer Guys was founded by industry veterans Rik Alexander, Steve Bennett and Rocco Loscalzo, and focuses on helping developers and game studios deliver high-quality multiplayer experiences, providing fully scalable server/client architecture, synchronous and asynchronous peer-to-peer networking, live operations and other services.

The Multiplayer Guys will operate independently, and will maintain their current focus on supporting their customers in delivering great multiplayer experiences with a wide range of services, best practices and industry standard tools.

For more information on this, please check out our blog announcement. We’re very excited to have The Multiplayer Guys join us and look forward to sharing updates on the team’s fantastic work in the future.