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Our GDK for Unity hits Alpha



Hello there SpatialOS devs,

Some of you have already seen the signs in the past few days but today we are making it official: our GDK for Unity has hit its Alpha milestone.

More compute, an example project and tutorials… as a SpatialOS developer, this step brings you a significant number of benefits even if you have already been using the GDK in its pre-alpha stage:

  • We now consider our GDK for Unity to be at the Alpha stage in our “maturity” guidelines. This means that, although there are still a number of things to flesh out, the overall stability has improved significantly and you can now start using the GDK for serious project development. Please report any issues on our forums or on the GDK’s GitHub repository.
  • We are providing you with an open-source FPS starter project. You can build and deploy this project straight to the cloud to experience a 200-person multiplayer experience with real players and simulated clients. This project is an ideal starting point for any FPS project that you might want to undertake.
  • Together with the FPS starter project we are providing you with a new onboarding experience specifically tailored to the GDK. Try out the playtest deployments that we are running for the launch!
  • In order to allow you to start scaling up your game and try out all the benefits of SpatialOS, we are significantly increasing the quantity of cloud resources that you have access to on our free tier. This means that everyone can now also access the “medium” deployment template, a 4x increase in processing power. This is also a great opportunity for everyone to try out our new load-balancer at the same time. Based on observed usage patterns, we are decreasing the delay after which your deployment will be automatically shut down from 6 to 3h but this should not affect you in most cases.

The GDKs are a result of the continuous feedback that you have been providing us with, so we are all looking forward to hearing about your experiences and the new feedback that this will bring.

Go forth and develop!

SpatialOS GDK for Unity launched