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Our GDK for Unreal hits Alpha



Hello there SpatialOS devs,

Another day, another step for our SpatialOS GDKs. Today our GDK for Unreal has officially reached its Alpha milestone. Although it has been in open development since late July, we are now confident that it is ready for you to develop with it in earnest and get familiar with the new streamlined experience.

Among the key new features that the Alpha milestone brings you:

  • A new tutorial illustrating a multi-server setup that will show you how to create the basics of a third-person shooter.
  • Dynamic type bindings and automated schema generation.
  • Use of the SpatialOS load-balancer for faster iteration cycles.

Read our blogpost for an in-depth technical overview of what the GDK will bring you as a developer or head straight to our fresh documentation to get started.

Go forth and develop!

SpatialOS GDK for Unreal launched