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Player Camera Tutorial and some modifications



I try this cam from tutorial Camera Tutorial. But I want rotate player without mouse click. One problem I can’t fix, player rotate slower then camera I want cam behind player, where local camera will be rotation in y = 0. I’m really noob in player movement :slight_smile: Thanks for eny help with this.

using Assets.Gamelogic.Core;
using Improbable.Core;
using Improbable.Player;
using Improbable.Unity.Visualizer;
using UnityEngine;
namespace Assets.Gamelogic.Player
    public class CameraControl3rdPerson : MonoBehaviour
        [Require] private ClientAuthorityCheck.Writer ClientAuthorityCheckWriter;
        [Require] private PlayerRotation.Writer PlayerRotationWriter;

        private Transform cameraT;
        private UnityEngine.Quaternion cameraRotation;
        private float cameraDistance;
        [SerializeField] private Vector3 lookOffset;
        [SerializeField] private Vector3 cameraTransform;

        private void OnEnable()
            // Grab the camera from the Unity scene
            cameraT = Camera.main.transform;
            // Set the camera as a child of the Player to easily ensure the camera follows the Player
            cameraT.parent = transform;
            // Set the camera rotation and zoom distance to some initial values
            cameraRotation = SimulationSettings.InitialThirdPersonCameraRotation;
            cameraDistance = SimulationSettings.InitialThirdPersonCameraDistance;


        private void LateUpdate()

        private void Update()

        // If the user scrolls up on their mousewheel then zoom in, if they scroll down then zoom out
        private void SelectNextCameraDistance()
            var mouseScroll = Input.GetAxis(SimulationSettings.MouseScrollWheel);
            if (!mouseScroll.Equals(0f))
                var distanceChange = cameraDistance - mouseScroll * SimulationSettings.ThirdPersonZoomSensitivity;
                cameraDistance = Mathf.Clamp(distanceChange, SimulationSettings.ThirdPersonCameraMinDistance,

        // If the user holds right mouse button and moves their mouse about, the camera rotates around the player
        private void SelectNextCameraRotation()

                var yaw = (cameraRotation.eulerAngles.y + Input.GetAxis("Mouse X") * SimulationSettings.ThirdPersonCameraSensitivity) % 360f;
                var pitch = Mathf.Clamp(cameraRotation.eulerAngles.x - Input.GetAxis("Mouse Y") * SimulationSettings.ThirdPersonCameraSensitivity,
                cameraRotation = UnityEngine.Quaternion.Euler(new Vector3(pitch, yaw, 0));

            transform.rotation = UnityEngine.Quaternion.Euler(new Vector3(0, yaw, 0)) ;

            PlayerRotationWriter.Send(new PlayerRotation.Update().SetBearing(transform.eulerAngles.y));

        // Update the position and orientation of the camera to match the cameraRotation and cameraDistance
        private void SetCameraTransform()
            // Set the position of the camera based on the desired rotation towards and distance from the Player model
            cameraT.localPosition = cameraRotation * Vector3.back * cameraDistance + cameraTransform;
            // Set the camera to look towards the Player model
            cameraT.LookAt(transform.position + lookOffset);


Regards Peter.


Unity forums are better for questions like this - I found this little snippet here and a more recent one here


Maybe you have right :slight_smile:
Sometimes I write and later think.