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Player camera visualization tutorial with the code from "BlankProject"




I try to create a project from scratch. So i started from the BlankProject and I followed different tutorial from the documentation (Create an entity, implementing a command, Client connectionlifecycle, Connection splash screen).

But I tried the “Player camera visualization” tutorial with the BlankProject and it doesn’t work. I have some error. Some Improbable.Core script is missing. For example in FirstPersonCamera.cs from the tutorial, the variable “ClientAuthorityCheck” get me a error. "the type or namespace name “ClientAuthorityCheck” could not be found (are you missing a using directive or an assembly reference )"
I know for this this tutorial it’s recommended to start with the StarterProject.
I want to know why is there a difference between BlankProject and StarterProject about Improbable script?
Why is it not possible to follow the “Player camera visualization” with the blankProject?

It will be very interesting to have a tutorial from the ''blankProject" to the end of the “PiratesTutorial”

thanks a lot for your help


I think the recipes are based on a more recent version of SpatialOS than v9. If you’re indeed working with 9 as you stated above, I’d strongly recommend upgrading SpatialOS to V10.4.1, especially since you’re starting with the blank project. Just download the most recent version of either the blank project or the starter project.

Additionally, do you happen to use Unity? If so, you could use Microsoft visual studio with it’s Unity plugin. If you then open the file in visual studio, it will mark where your error is.
These things are usually things you are missing on the top of the file, like using Improbable.Ship. I’m not at my computer now, nor have I played around with that recipe yet, so I can’t check it at the moment for you.
Have you gone through the pirates tutorial yet? Perhaps it can help looking at the camera in there.


Hi @spigot,

I would use the StarterProject as a reference as it is a more modern iteration of the BlankProject that demonstrates a better method of spawning entities.

Also, from your messages, it sounds like you may not have performed a spatial worker build before opening your Untiy project. Have you given that a shot?


Thanks for yours help,

I made a mistake on my tag of SpatialOS version. I’m working with the latest version V10.4.1.

I’m using unity with VisualStudio. This error come from Unity, and I have the same error in VisualStudio. The class “ClientAuthorityCheck” from Improbable is not in my project. When I open the StartProject, the ''ClientAuthorityCheck" class isn’t missing. There is a difference between these two project :(.


thanks for your answer @chong-u,

I tried your advice (spatial worker build), on my actual project and a new BlankProject. I had the same error :frowning:

After that, i tried starting the “Player camera visualization” tutorial from the StarterProject. I have an issue:
-When I add the script “FirstPersonCamera.cs” on the player prefab, the player’s position is modify when i press play. He is no more at the position (0,0,0). He is far from this position.
I made the same test with the ThirdPersonCamera, i have the same issue.

I don’t know if there is a impact but before this tutorial, I made the “ConnectionSplashScreen” tutorial.



If you are missing the ClientAuthorityCheck – can you check that you have that defined somewhere in your schema?


Thanks, I forgot this .schema.
Works fine know.