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Player won't move anymore - fps driver issues?



Sorry but I totally messed up the fps project I think.
I added some stuff and try to revert to what it was but I can’t get my guy to move anymore.

When I start a local deployment, the fpsdriver component is unchecked for my player in the inspector,
When I check it manually it complains on the line
if (health.Data.Health == 0)
But I checked the spatial’s inspector and it does have a health component
it is also declared on fps driver as a reader
I littered the fpsdriver with debug logs and OnEnable doesnt seem to run ever.

Any help would be appreciated.


Just found this
The GDK manages the lifecycle of all MonoBehaviours that contain at least one field with a [Require] attribute. It ensures that these MonoBehaviours are disabled for

  • all Prefabs stored inside the Resources folder of your Unity project
  • all MonoBehaviours on instantiated GameObjects that have at least one requirement not fulfilled during runtime Whenever a MonoBehaviour is disabled, all fields decorated with the [Require] attribute are null and you can not use them anymore as soon as OnDisable is called on that MonoBehaviour.

and found the offending line in my script
[Require] private UserControls.Requirable.Writer UserControlsWriter;

Not sure why its failing yet but its progress…


Ok its working now,

I didn’t realize what adding the component in the entity template is for.
If I am understanding correctly its to give which workers access to the component and its a requirement to inject the writer/readers into it and if it doesn’t get everything it nulls all of them in the script.

Sorry for the trouble…