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Please add multiplication and division to the Coordinates class



In my game, I sometimes have coordinates in a different series of units than others. To make conversions easier I need to do multiplications and divisions on Coordinates. I see that addition and subtraction are implemented and it would be nice if multiplication and division are supported as well.


Good request: we’re moving away from a custom co-ordinates type as SpatialOS’s representation of an entities position (what we’re changing too is under discussion at the moment: my vote is for a really simple:
double: x,y,z ! ).

Hopefully after that transition we’ll be able to ship some good utilities. It’s hard to know what multiplying a co-ordinate actually means? If you subtract two co-ords you get a vector of difference between them: that makes sense…but what happens when you multiply a co-ordinate ?


Thinking about it more: if you’re using co-ords in the way I think you are: you should use your own co-ordinate type ( which knows how to multiply and convert between your different systems ) and then simply update SpatialOS’s knowledge of your positions as often as needed?