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Possesion of a character on a different layer SpatialOS (UE4)

I am working on the Sample/UnrealGDKExampleProject to get a better grip on how this framework works.

Currently I am stuck on a feature that lets the player switch to possessing an AI character and activate the AI on the player character ( a similar feature as seen in the game Enlisted and some Battlefield single-player games ).

The AI character is set up to run on the NPC layer, just like in the demo.
This architecture presents a problem, as the character for the regular player is different from the AI character, right now I cannot get the player controler to posses the AI character ( although I have a good idea on how to fix it), the bigger problem is:

If the player possesses the AI character, the controller will run on the regular server layer, while the AI character itself will run on the NPC layer, I am wondering if this will be an issue later on, and if there are any remedies to the situation?

One idea I had was to destroy the AI character on possession and construct a player character in its place with the same properties ( and vice versa for the player character), but I can foresee many problems with this - probably too many edge cases.

Another idea I had was to simply cast the classes back and forth every time, so that the NPC layer can takeover as the characters are casted, although I am not sure if this is just kicking the ball down the road and I might end up with the same problems as stated above.

Any suggestions and solutions are welcome.