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Pricing and multiple rooms in single game/server instance

Hi, 2 questions. I will be implementing multiplayer to my fps game and in the end mode is going to be battle royale but I’d like to also have 1v1, 5v5 etc modes.

  1. When going from free to paid tier do I lose free “one game instance”? If so can I have 2 accounts (free and paid) and switch between them if needed? My project is long-term with development going on and off I’d like to avoid situation where I have to shutdown multiplayer completely in case of small amount of players.

  2. Going back to modes, from what I can read minimum price of using SpatialOS in paid tier is ~190$ a month (cheapest template running 24h). In comparison: rentable servers in other games cost 60-120$ for 64 slots. Is it possible and does it make sense to have for ex. 10x 5v5 rooms (100 players) running on single game instance?

Hi @Kamil-S,

I answered these questions on our Discord server where you asked them too but will drop them here in case it’s more helpful:

  1. The way that the tiers are set up means you don’t have separate “accounts”, per se. Everyone who signs up automatically gets the free tier, with that free single cloud instance, which you can use to develop and build your game. The moment you use more than that one single cloud instance and you need multiple deployments, is when you shift to a paying tier and you would then be charged for what you use beyond the free tier. You do not “lose” the single cloud instance - that is always available to you/anyone using SpatialOS.

  2. Yes, the cheapest paid tier is ~$190 / month (if you are running multiple templates 24x7). You can technically implement multiple rooms per instance, but is not something that we have created any solutions to support today and would be something you’d have to investigate yourself. Hence you may find it technically challenging to resolve.

Hope this helps.


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