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Problem setting up spatialOS with Unreal


Hi, I got this error when trying to run the setup.bat file in GameRoot/Plugins/UnrealGDK

Anyone know a solution for this?

I tried updating my visual studio to the latest version, but no luck!

The error:

Starting: Check Dependencies
The system cannot find the path specified
Error: Could not find the MSBuild executable. Please make sure you have Microsoft Visual studio or microsoft build tools installed.

Thanks in advance!


Hey @Rebel

Could you take look this post to see if you are having same problem ?

In general the Unreal GDK Setup batch script call an Unreal Engine setup Batch to obtain the path for MSbuild… you might want to take look the Unreal support form if above doesn’t work for you .

call "%UNREAL_HOME%\Engine\Build\BatchFiles\GetMSBuildMSBuildPath.bat"


By reading that post I was able to solve it!

It appeared by doing the clone of unreal engine and following the documentation it made two UnrealEngine folders inside eachother. So had to update the environment variable in control panel -> advanced system settings for %UNREAL_HOME% from c:/Github/UnrealEngine to c:/Github/UnrealEngine/UnrealEngine