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Problem with Cloud Upload / Workers



Hi there,

First, cheers for your amazing work and innovation !

Unfortunatly i couldn’t try this, i dont know if i did something wrong, or if it was a bug.

I tried launch the FPS Starter Project, all good until the cloud upload step.

1- Sometimes the cloud upload (assembly) stuck on “upload artefact : 0%” >> spatial cloud upload assembly_test
2- When i use the same command (not overwriting) all process stuck >> spatial cloud upload assembly_test02 --force
3- the only way with done process is when i upload one time,cancel, and retry with force and owerwrite >> spatial cloud upload assembly_test03 --force

but* when i look on SpatialOS console :slight_smile:
1st one is here but i think incomplete (linux zip miss, and 150Mb)
2th is 210Mb
3th is 210Mb

other problems :
the deployment upload with >> spatial cloud launch --cluster_region=eu --snapshot=snapshots/default.snapshot assembly_test02 cloud_launch_large.json fps_test
On console when i look the deployment log, there are a lot of error (orange) like

and here i can see 0 workers

i think i did someting wrong when i see the 3th error :stuck_out_tongue:
when i click on launch : 03

i supposed was the failed upload of .zip assemblies

the deployment launch with --log_level=debug

for information, i downloaded all stuff mentionned on the guide (all good version of unity etc)
im running on win7
and i have a bad internet connection (very low upload speed)

the name project is beta_lamp_east_92

its all :slight_smile:


Hey Ruff

Could you try to add --log_level=debug to the cloud upload command? Also, try to run spatial diagnose? I think upload went wrong which the root cause of the problem… It could be a network issue… Try this and post the screenshot if possible then we can go from here.

Best Regards