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Procedurally generated cluster of starsystems



For my upcoming game, Elrakis, I am working on a fully procedurally generated world. So far I have created a simple cluster of stars by placing them randomly in a confined area. For the final version, I needed more power than that by being able to ‘stitch’ star clusters together so the world could grow infinitely in a deterministic manner.

Here are the fruits of my labour:

Above you see a region of space with 200 star systems divided into four clusters. The black sphere in the middle indicates the centre of the region and the red spheres the centres of the four clusters. The clusters are placed in the shape of a tetrahedron around the region’s centre so the distance between each centre has an equal length.

Around each cluster centre I place star systems using a gaussian distribution so it has a more organic distribution to it. After the star systems are positioned I then place Jump Lanes between them in two phases:

  1. I strongly connect all stars within the same cluster
  2. I find, and connect, the two closest star systems of adjacent clusters.

I hope this has given people a small peek into the kitchen for Elrakis and a bit of inspiration for their own ProcGen work!

Happy creating!

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