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Project Agression Playtest 02/08/2018



Hello, I’ve been working for the last two months on a little project, and I’m getting to the point where I would like to show it to you guys, and also get a bit more bug reports and feedback.

The game is very bare-bones at the moment, with all placeholder art, and effects. However the larger part of gun-play, voice chat and inventory structure has been completed, and that will be the primary test that I would prefer everyone to focus on. (But by all means shoot each other.)

The Controls are pretty simple:
WASD movement,
Jump is Space-bar,
voice-chat hold to talk is V.

As for the inventory that takes a little explaining, you can drag and drop items to combine, right click to divide (remove clip from gun, split ammo, etc), also you can right click medikits to heal yourself. In order to fire a weapon, you must first have ammo, and have that ammo in a clip, in order to achieve that you will need a backpack or vest to put them in. Once you have that you can simply drag the clip onto the gun, (which will need to be in your hands), or if you have a vest, put the clips in the vest and press R during game-play to reload. It’s a good idea to stock up a few magazines and put them in your vest before combat, in order to be able to reload quickly.

Speaking of combat, my game involves more bullet physics than most, some materials can be penetrated by bullets (though they lose velocity with each penetration, and thus killing power), and some materials ricochet bullets. Please note, all materials can do all these things, but it is dependent on many factors, so theoretically depending on the velocity of the bullet, and the angle of the impact along with a healthy dose of good luck, you may actually get a bullet to ricochet off a wooden wall. (Good luck achieving that however.)

The Time will be 02/08/2018 at 5pm EST (Eastern Standard Time USA).
I believe that will 11pm GMT (Though I am not 100% if anyone could chime in to the time-zones :stuck_out_tongue: )

A quick screen shot, forgot to take any in the last closed play test so all you guys get is a few static shots :wink: lol

I will provide a link to the download on the 8th itself, along with a link to a survey and of course discord links (though I would prefer everyone to use the in-game chat, and to only use discord in the event you have issues getting the game going/crash, I will be in the discord throughout the play-test.)


The deployment is live!
Client Download link: --Play-test ended–
Discord link:

And here is a survey to fill out when your done (if you would be so kind):


Just a real quick update here, I’m pushing the time back to 5pm EST (11pm GMT) due to a few people’s schedules, main post is edited.


Sorry to post again, but just wanted to bump it to the top as the server is now live! :smiley:


Holy crap! the turnout was actually quite good, got the best stress testing on my workers I have ever had, and the results are in, with the current setup I could have handled at least 20x as many players on the single worker I was running on, without any noticable slow-down. Also got a lot of log data, and output logs! :smiley:
Love me some output logs, So HUGE thanks to everyone involved, I understand that some of you guys had some issues with the controls/gameplay, I’ll try to update it to be a little more intuitive.
Once again, thank you all!