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Project Friendly Playtest 02/13/2017



Hello @everyone, I am hereby announcing my intention to have a play-test for my little project on the 19th (next Sunday) at 11:00am CST, (5:00pm GMT+0).

Project Friendly.
Final product will be a survival multiplayer game, with an emphasis on the player interaction, and unforgiving survival mechanics.
Features to be testing in this play-test.

  • Hit detection.

  • Zombie Re-spawning mechanics.

  • Player Re-spawning mechanics.

Beyond that will depend on what I can get done in before the weekend, currently the only thing that is not 100% is the zombie re-spawning mechanics, I’m wrapping that up now.
Controls are very simple, WASD movement with MOUSE aiming.

Pictures: As the visuals are changing constantly I’ll hold off on a screen until we’re closer.

Client Links: Will be posted on the 19th.

Note: I will be having quite a few people from outside of spatial in the play-test (hopefully they show) so the discord may be very loud, simply mute or don’t join if it gets annoying.


Have put something in my calendar - if I’m free I’ll hop on :slight_smile:


And my axe! :crossed_swords:


Hey guys, thanks for your support, I’ve been running into game breaking bugs with the AI, and as such unless after work tomarrow I’m able to pull off a miracle, the play test may not happen. I will have to keep you posted and if by tomarrow evening I am not able to materialize anything I’ll let you, and the other people on my list know. This is very hard to say as up until yesterday I was very confident of my code, but due to some unforeseeable problems (foreseeable if perhaps you had even a rudimentary education in code and weren’t flying by the seat of your pants), I may have to drop it completely and rebuild from the ground up, obviously not possible between now and Sunday.
Thank you all for your patience, more info to follow.


No problem - best of luck! :slight_smile:


I’d be interested in helping, if you do manage to get your AI fixed. Will watch this space.


@Rhynedahll and @morrison I’ve been working on a solution the past 5 hours, and have made progress, I’ll be working on it the rest of the night and keep you guy’s posted, thank you for your support :smirk:

Whelp you put one finger in a hole and three more sprout up, I fixed the aforementioned AI problems and am now dealing with terrain problems, querying problems and hit detection, I think I’m just going to archive the project and start from a blank project, let us try this chance again.

Thank you all for even posting on this thread, I’m sorry my magic act ripped the curtain, but I will be trying this magic act again very soon. Small note to future play-test hosts,make a stable branch, freeze it, THEN announce a play test, do not make changes post announcement, that is a good way to disappoint.


no disappointment here! Crack on :slight_smile:


All just part of the process. No worries. :slight_smile: