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Questions about Inspector's map overlay


Hello !

I would like to know how the render is made using the map overlay experimental feature, my game world is procedural so is it possible to override how the Inspector render the map or put some custom heightmap ?

Thanks in advance :smile:

EDIT: Few minutes after I posted this message, I found more informations on the Github repo, so yes we can put an image but it’s locally so this can be interesting to use a remote image from cloud (in the case of a deployement) and add the ability later to update this heightmap procedurally.


Super cool stuff.

Seems most sims/games would want to have a world-size image for gameplay purposes anyways. Nice and easy to apply directly to the inspector. :wink:


Hi @Jackblue - with the current use case, we give the responsibility for creating the overlay image to the game developer/artist. This gives you full control over what you see in the Inspector, and makes it possible for you to add a map regardless of what engine/workers you use for your deployment. In it’s current form, the Inspector only visualises entities - this feature allows you to reason about static parts of the world, giving you a reference point to understand where entities are located within the game world.

That said, it’s technically possible for the map to be generated on the fly by game engine workers - this would be beneficial for game worlds with dynamic terrain, just like what you’ve mentioned with procedural generation. We might explore this option down the line. Thanks for your feedback!