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Quick 12.2 Unity experimental build thoughts



Quick things using it.

  • Ordered by name Excluded scenes list for builds. I have a lot of scenes from assets and stuff and it took a while to find my Physics Server Scene.
  • Maybe a to top button for the Enabled scenes. I have a lot of terrain scenes I load in as additives and once I finally found the server scene I then had to bubble it up 50 times.

Other than that at the moment I like what I have access to now :grin:

  • Crash when running locally? Investigating still
  • Really slow to start up when running a worker manually in unity. kept getting a lot of Incoming command request with ID 6 to entity ID 147 and component ID 1061 was not handled by the worker within the given timeout.

How do you not use local prefabs? It seems processing those on runtime when running in editor kills the testing process


Using local prefabs is the only thing you can use in the Editor with the given system. This was done for simplicity reasons.
The processing itself however shouldn’t be very heavy, depending on what your pre-processor are doing.


Hmmm, I need to debug it then because it’s definitely the entity prefab generation that’s slowing stuff down at the beginning but I also tested the default template provider and it does the same thing with local prefabs. It doesn’t help that I have 20+ different entity types so this issue becomes very noticable when it processes each one. At least it seems to be a unity loading issue. Each entity type it looks like unity is refreshing an asset cache. It might also be my unity version, I am on 5.6


Some bugs I guess

After updating for Spatial 13 and the UDK, the experimental build scripts are in .modules and unity does not compile them. Are there suppose to instructions to edit the folder name to remove the .?

I was having commandline build issues until I looked at the logs. the auth token expired and was silently doing this in the background

Failed to get access token using current refresh token with config &{ClientID:improbable_cli_client_go ClientSecret:{a pretty entertaining secret} Endpoint:{AuthURL: TokenURL:} RedirectURL: Scopes:[[*]:*]}, will obtain new refresh token
    cannot obtain new access token from server
    not implemented```