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Releasing to the public


What are the steps/requirements to release a project to the general public?


Hey Carleton, I have sent you an email to follow up :slight_smile:


Thank you


Hi, sorry that I just response to this request. But I would also love to know, if a public release would be possible. Or even have an instance running longer than 6 hours.


I am 98% percent positive your first step when you prepare to launch with spatial at this time, is to contact their business team to discuss things and your needs, so they can do a contract with you. If your game is innovative it may be free!

The next step would be to choose a release platform. I believe they have worked on walking people through steam in the past but it needs updated. Other choices would be or key/downloads from your custom outlet.


You are quite right about the fact that people should reach out to our business team if they are starting to think about the possibility of launching their game somewhere in the future.

That said the “free” part is not entirely true. You are probably referring to the Games Innovation Program which means that if your project gets selected then you will get reduced or free usage during the time where your project is in Alpha / Beta phase. This is in itself already a huge opportunity and should not be downplayed even if it does not entail your game to be free as a whole.

Once it hits general production these benefits will no longer hold, although the goal for both you and us at that point is that the game is capable of selling itself. :wink:

As for the release platform this is a point that is best discussed with the business team and customer engineers once you have contacted them.

In any case I am excited to see people moving ahead with their projects on SpatialOS!

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That was what I was refering to. If your game is bleeding edge awesome and you qualify for that program hey. You won’t know if you qualify and the business team can’t work out a contract with you until you talk to them though. In the mean time the 6 hour instances are just there for testing, and if your world got to big they might call you first.


Due to the way this platform works, and how google can quickly ramp up if your game starts exploding. Another feature I would like to see is payment gateway integrations built into spacial. Where you could automatically apply a cut towards the account, that can be drawn upon towards the hosting fees in the background.Not really full integrations just some simple hooks to send billing information, product simple information and payment id or a web transfer to paypal/stripe etc, and a place for us to put our authorization tokens from those services.

This does things for everyone. 1 it is easier for me to integrate as a game dev. I just call your hooks, add my items, many times right in game. The payments pass through the server, secure connections to payment gateways, aaaand you start getting paid before the bill is due, so I can’t take all the money and run lol.