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Remote teams for GameJam



Hi, I have heard rumor of a tool the improbable team is prepping for helping remote teams get organized, but its thursday night and the jam starts at 10am my time tomorrow. I thought I’d reach out and see if others remote wanted to form a team. If you’re interested drop a note here with your timezone, skillset and experience level with both unity and spatialos. With any luck this wont be needed as the improbable team will have a better mechanism for us, although I worry due to my timezone I’ll be a little late to the game.

Timezone: PST
Skillset: Programming
Experience: Minimal


Good stuff Brendan. I’ll make a slack channel and drop everyone in it too just in case!


If anyone wants in on the slack: drop me a line


Hello. Anyone what a programmer? I have experience breaking into the spatialOS code and am looking for a team. I’m a bit busy today but I look forward to jamming for the weekend.
Timezone: PST
Skills: Programming
Experience: intermediate


Judah and Brendan we’ll get you into a team in the next 5 mins !


How do I get in on the slack @callumb ?


will add you now poppet


invite sent!

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