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Remove backslash from "client.log" filename



Just a cosmetic thing but when a Unity Client runs it creates a file named \client.log in the worker folder for the Unity Client. Is it possible to remove the backslash from the filename? That will make removing it a little bit easier.


I think you can configure that in your:



Well… that was the fastest feature request resolved ever I think :smiley:

Can I also use custom environment variables here (using the ${…}) notation? That way I could make my own env variable :slight_smile:


Hey @draconigra,

You can’t actually use custom environment variables here – only these strings will be replaced if they fit the ${…} pattern.

Do you have any use cases in mind? I can certain raise a feature request if you do!



This idea was related to my other feature request, to be able to have a single logging folder, if I could use an environment variable in the following snippet:

like so

Then that would probably solve that idea partway. Though other than that I have no concrete use case here.