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Request: Optional Asset Bundling



Although I assume asset bundling has some optimizations in it, I cannot look at Animation Controllers as one limitation when the game is running in my editor. Currently the animation happens to be something I am working on and not being able to look at what is going on in Mecanim is annoying to say the least. :scream:


Here’s what I do, I leave the entity prefab simple and then load in the character models with the animation controller through the resources folder.

I did this so I can load different models for my character races, getting the animation controller out of the Asset bundle was just a side effect.


Hey @VectorXStudios,

A full asset pipeline rework is… in the pipeline. :stuck_out_tongue:

We’re very much for sensible defaults, with hooks to customise wherever you like. Unfortunately, our asset pipeline is one of the oldest parts of our Unity integration and is pretty opinionated. With the 10.x series of releases, we’re exploring ways to sort this out!

Thanks for the feedback - always useful :slight_smile: