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Responding to the Coronavirus at Improbable

Hi all devs,

We wanted to give you a quick update on how we’re taking active measures in regards to the coronavirus, in line with government advice, to ensure the safety of our teams and the ongoing running of our services during this time.

In areas where coronavirus has been identified as a risk, we’re supporting our teams to work from home. We don’t have any current concerns about delivering our ongoing services to our developers - these are just precautionary measures to protect our teams and by extension, their families and friends.

If there are changes to schedules or minor delays in responding to queries as we adjust to the situation, we apologise for any inconvenience in advance. However, we believe that the tech-focused nature of Improbable means we can continue working with minimal disruption.

Do check out our blog for more information.

In the meantime, from everyone here at Improbable - take care and look after each other.


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