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Restart deployments right from the web console!



The wait is over! It is now possible to restart an archived deployment via the web console :tada:

We hope this will speed up your iteration time, by avoiding having to fumble back to the Command Line to re-launch a deployment that has ended. This was widely requested so thanks for your patience and please don’t hesitate to feedback! :pray:

For any v10+ archived deployment (either stopped or has ended as it got its expiry time) - if a starting snapshot is available the deployment can now be restarted right from the deployment overview page:


After hitting Restart deployment you will get the following confirmation modal showing you the launch parameters of your deployment (it uses the starting snapshot, deployment launch configuration, and assembly the deployment started with):


Happy restarting,
The SpatialOS Web & infrastructure team


Just a quick follow-up on this feature - you can now select whether you’d like to restart with the starting snapshot the deployment launched with, or with the last snapshot taken!

Thanks to those of you who sent in feedback on this :slight_smile: