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Rogue Fleet Online Playtest


I’m leaving my deployment running for couple of days for those who want to try it.

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There’s not much gameplay but you can scan asteroids and extract ore and use your sensors. Green dots means better chance of finding ores.

The database is up and running so your progress will be saved.

You should be able to play without signing-up with an email.

You can post bug report or comments below.

Thank you!

P.S. The macOS client is not working sorry.

edit2: pro-tip => press alt to bring up the cursor

final edit: it’s over thanks!

Hey @SionoiS,

thanks for letting us know about this - super exciting!

We’ve tagged that deployment for 48 hours for you.

I’ll also share it with the team here. If you’re a member of our Discord, it’s well worth posting it in our #shamless-self-promotion channel as well to get other devs checking it out.


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I tried it, I like the space! I didn’t realize it was full 3d movement until i realized I can move up and ran into an asteroid. I look forward to more

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Very cool! I was trying to interact with the orbs but couldn’t get anything to happen. I did figure out how to fly around and when I pressed escape at the end of my session the cursor didn’t appear with the menu.

Keep up the good work :slight_smile:

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