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Rogue Fleet Playtest Saturday 8 April @ 10am EST




Finally, a playtest, been working hard and now it’s time. If you decide to join us we will be testing mostly ship movements and weapons.

This last week I hooked up the HUD, and fix any bug I found. The good news is you’ll have access to all the graphic options, keybinding that were in the game before. Also, you will have access to only one of the 15 ships, the battlecruiser.

Keep in mind that it will be around 1gb of data to download and will work for Windows only.

DONE! Thank you all.


This is exciting, thanks for sharing! Looking forward to it!


I will be there!


I’m testing the cloud deployment right now, everything seems ok for now, but I did not have time to add back the FXs (sound & visual) and the ship do not have client-side prediction, so expect choppy movements depending on your connection quality.

Also, the controller mode for the game is not functional, mouse & keyboard only.


It’s LIVE!


I’ll leave it running in case anyone wants to try it out this weekend.


Jumping in! :grin:


Windows only? Awww :frowning:


The music scares the absolute crap out of me.


Naww I couldn’t find anyone.
Looking great @SionoiS! Keep it up!


@SionoiS I’ll have someone reach out and ask you how things went; I saw some errors in the deployment and couldn’t see any entities once my worker had connected. I’m sure we can help !
So excited by this! Top work!


I like the ships, I’m not sure if the Q and E buttons are in the right direction. I was trying to roll my ship to the left and Q was making me go the other way. It looks good!


Cool! I jumped in a little late, so I didn’t manage to come across anyone either. But it looks great!


I’ll probably do another playtest next week. In the mean time I’ll optimize my code and fix the remaining bugs.

Can you guys help me decide a date and time? I would love to have more ppl playing.


You could try using a Doodle Poll ( to help schedule this :slight_smile:


After thinking about it I can only do it on Saturday morning, unfortunately. :frowning: