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Service impact on us3-prod cluster - 27 June 2018 19:30 UTC



We are currently experiencing some issues when creating deployments in the us3-prod cluster where the deployments will fail to reach the provisioning stage.

While we’re investigating this issue, we suggest you use another cluster (for example the eu4-prod cluster, through the command line argument --cluster=eu4-prod).

We will keep you updated on this.




I can’t seem to stop a deployment that is running on us3-prod.

I get a context deadline exceeded running error from the cli, and a network timeout error on the console. Raised an issue internally, but thought this might be related.


Hello @jonk that is expected in the current situation. If you encounter any issues while launching a new deployment on other clusters please do tell us.

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The underlying issue has now been effectively resolved and the us3-prod cluster is available again for new deployments.

Please do contact us if you have any further issue.

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