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Shattered Lives v0.4 Playtest Thursday Nov 23th 2017 @21:00 CEST



Hi @everyone!

We want to invite you to our playtest for Shattered Lives which is a survival fps prototype. I will post some links here around 21:00 CEST on thursday for you to join. The simulation will run for ~6 hours. Client is available for Windows only!

Link to join the game:

Purpose of this test:

  • Test our game implementation
  • Get SpatialOS performance data
  • Find bugs :slight_smile:


  • 16km² terrain, but objects are only spawned within a 800m circle to keep the play area small
  • Various types of loot containers
  • Crafting with some basic receipes (weapons, tools and and ammo)
  • Deers running around
  • Friendly fire is still active :wink:
  • Trees, rocks, animals and enemies are harvestable
  • Alien structures spawning alien predators
  • Day/Night cycle
  • Some basic weather conditions

New in v0.4:

  • First prototype of placement/building system
  • Hunger/thirst
  • Consumable items
  • Multi worker setup (auto hex grid with 9 workers)
  • Steam Audio integration
  • More efficient bandwith usage
  • Lots of fixes and smaller adjustments


ESC: Menu
LMB or Ctrl: Fire / Place structure
RMB: Zoom / Move inventory stack / Rotate structure
Space: Jump
Shift: Run
Ctrl: Crouch
WASD: Move
TAB or I: Inventory/Crafting
E: Use / Pickup structure
R: Reload


Feedback can be provided here, in PM to me or in our discord.


Have fun!


Up and running:


Deployment is still running! We already had a lot of fun: