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Simple authentication

after going through the documentation, I’m still confused about custom client authentication as there is lot of information, changes, several versions, alpha tools and non-public things.

We would like to have simple username/password authentication to allow users to connect to the deployment (no email, no matchmaking, no party…).

  1. Is it possible to use Development authentication flow? Do we need auth backend service or it is possible to do the authentication from the client? documentation
  2. Is is possible to use our own authentication or we have to use 3rd party solution? (according to note at documentation
  3. What is the easiest way? PlayFab?
  4. Should we use Worker SDK? Platform SDK?
  5. In case our own authentication, do we have to use our own backend or it is possible to user your infrastructure?

Thank you!

Hi David,

It can definitely be a bit confusing with all of the changes in auth we’ve made over the last year. Hope this answers your questions!

  1. Development Authentication Flow is designed only for internal use by members of your studio and those you trust with access while the game is in an early stage of development. It is not designed to handle a production scale of players, so it wouldn’t be suitable for use in a live game.
  2. Yes, for a live game you should use your own authentication service or you can use a 3rd-party solution.
  3. Yes, we’ve seen a number of games go with Playfab as their source of player auth. An example of how to accomplish this is here.
  4. You should use the Platform SDK from inside of an authentication server as described here. You should have an external service separate from SpatialOS that validates the Playfab player token and exchanges them for tokens that can be used to connect to SpatialOS deployments (the Player Identity and Login Tokens). These tokens can then be handed to your client to be used via the Worker SDK’s connection API to get into the deployments.
  5. You will need to stand up a service of your own, SpatialOS hosts gameplay server deployments but does not have a platform for hosting online services such as authentication.

Thank you for detailed answer, it definitively helps!