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Simple quality of life request for UE4



Would it be possible to automatically open the inspector when running the local server?
Using this command:“spatial local launch” already opens a browser window to authorize SpatialOS, so just opening the inspector in the end would improve my life that little bit…

Cherry on top kind of thing :slight_smile:


Hey @Rasped,

This sounds like a good proposal, though I expect that it might go both ways where someone else might prefer for the inspector to not be launched automatically :stuck_out_tongue:

I know others who just leave the web browser with the address: localhost:21000/inspector always running on a separate monitor.

Have you considered perhaps writing simple batch/shell script that launches the browser to that URL? If you are specifically intending for the browser only to be launched when SpatialOS has started up, I suspect you could possibly poll the output for the SpatialOS is Ready string or perhaps check for the presence of the logs before launching the browser?


@Rasped, there is a way that you can add to that batch file a command that will open your browser to that page, either on the line before or after “spatial local launch”. It’s definitely doable with Chrome, but I haven’t tried with other browsers yet.