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Small problem with the unity editor


Unity editor scripts do not work on my computer due to whitespace problem in the command window.
SpatialRunner -> RunPausedProcess method.

I i am suggesting to change

File.WriteAllText(scriptPath, string.Format("@{0} {1}\r\n@pause\r\n@del\"{2}\"", command, arguments, scriptPath));

and add \" around {0}

For fixing problem. Just a small detail. Thank you for this great tech.
Documentation and tutorials are great by the way.


Hello NukeNyks,

Thank you very much for the feedback.
Could you perhaps provide the error you are getting without this fix?

Kind Regards,



I am sorry for the late response. I was busy.
Since whitespaces considered delimiter, it should be between ".
My path has a whitespace and simply command line doesn’t able
to run the command. If i am making a mistake, i am sorry in advance.