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Snapshotting from the Local & Cloud Inspector



Happy to announce that you can now take snapshots from the Inspector, on both local and cloud deployments. :camera_flash:

Taking Snapshots

Under the Advanced tab in the Inspector, you will see a Take Snapshot button:

Once clicked this button will send a request to the runtime to take a snapshot, and return the response from the runtime. If successful, you will be able to copy the ID of the snapshot that was just saved.

Note that you can still also take snapshots for cloud deployments using the spatial cloud history snapshot create command (more on this here).

Retrieving Cloud Snapshots

All cloud snapshots for your deployment are available in the console on the deployment overview page or on the Snapshots page:

They can also be retrieved using the spatial project history snapshot download command, where <history_name> is the deployment name. Please see this docs page for more details.

Retrieving Local Snapshots

The local snapshot will be saved to your hard drive at the snapshot_destination_file path as set in your launch configuration. The default is your project directory.

For more details on taking & using snapshots, please check out this page on the docs.

Happy snapshotting!