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Some questions about external connection



After reading your long post about state savings. (Thanks for explaining)
State saving - How with SpatialOS?

I have one question for my current server setup on Darkrift2, If I am not in game I can still log in to the server and With commands I can stop maps, start events, ban players, and do some runtime Update/changes to NPC etc with a console I made to connect to the server and update it

So for having that with Spatialos, A c# worker running on spatial cloud that can be connected with an external app and used for sending update to the server and retrieve some runtime data
example :
command : count live players
Output : x Player live (x = the number provided by the C# worker running on the cloud)


command : drop <player name>
Output : <player name> kicked

(It works more like an Admin Console)
Point is not the working of any command but if External connection is possible or not ??


Hello @Deepankar,

The answer to that question is actually in one of the follow-up posts in the thread that you are referencing:

Especially the part about the “external database bridge worker” running on your own server that offers the kind of commands that you are talking about. The “database” reference is somewhat of a placeholder as you can replace it with any third-party service that you want to use in combination with your SpatialOS deployment.

Best regards,