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Some questions about layering

Some questions about layering

  1. How to layer?Are there complete tutorials or sample projects?
  2. Using UE4, is there any way to compile multiple server-workers responsible for different layers?For example, AI and physics are two layers.Do I need to use the Worker SDK to realize one of the server-workers?
  3. If it is divided into AI layer and physical layer, the AI layer needs some physical information to judge, such as whether the enemy in front of me is blocked by a door, how can the AI layer obtain such information?Call physical layer queries through RPC?Checkout and read some physical components to determine?Or is there another way?

Hi @wang-yb

Thanks for the questions!

Yes we are currently working on a new GDK for Unreal alpha feature and example project demonstration for “layering”.

The feature is called Offloading and enables moving specific computation (such as AI) to another Unreal server worker (distinct from the main gameplay worker). This means you can free up the main gameplay server to do other computation such as handling more players.

As you suggested the way that the two server workers will interact is through cross server RPCs

This will be in the next GDK release which will be publicly available in the next month or so - stay tuned!


Thanks for you reply, that sounds great, I hope to see the new example project as soon as possible:grinning: