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Some UE Example Requests


Some of these IO is already aware of, but I thought I’d make a general post with all of them in one place.

Custom Launcher - An example that shows how to create a custom launcher, so that we can extend the UI to add game specific information to it. For Steam, see below, Steam should then download and install all of the data files using their CDN.

Steam Integration - I believe this exists for Unity, but I couldn’t find any example of how to authenticate using Steam and UE (we have the ability to create additional apps on Steam, so that isn’t an issue for us)

Custom Authentication (i.e. not via Steam) - Our game will need to run without Steam support in China, so we’ll need to be able to add our own custom authentication system in addition to being able to support Steam authentication.


Thanks for these Tezza! Added them to our suggestions pile.

We’re about to re-launch our Steam tutorial for Unity; it’s super simple and basically involves getting the SteamUser.GetAuthSessionTicketusing the SteamManager object that Valve provides, and adding it to the Configuration object SpatialOS uses upon connection:
Configuration.SpatialOsApplication.DeploymentTag = "steam_deployment"; Configuration.Networking.SteamToken = SteamManager.GetSteamTicketString();

I’m currently unsure of how Unreal + Steam sit together; I’ll make a note and see what I can find :slight_smile:

Keep the suggestions coming!


On 2. - we currently don’t support Steam authentication for Unreal. It’s in our roadmap, but is a while off. I think we have a catchup soon so we can discuss then :slight_smile:

Edit: as @callumb points out, this doesn’t mean it doesn’t work, more that we haven’t tested it and that there are no nice wrapper APIs! :slight_smile: