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Spatial CLI bugs

  1. spatial project assembly download “abc123” “C:\doesntExist”
    This command returns that it successfully “Downloaded assembly to C:\doesntExist”. “abc123” doesnt exist and neither does C:\doesntExist

  2. spatial config set cli-structure v1
    Doesn’t actually set cli-structure to v1

  3. spatial project assembly list --json_output
    Doesn’t return json

  4. spatial project assembly worker delete --assembly DoesntExist --name DoesntExist --json_output
    This doesn’t return anything, with or without json_output

  5. spatial project assembly worker get --assembly DoesntExist --name DoesntExist --json_output
    Causes an error on your end and tells me to quote a hash when reporting the issue. It should instead tell me that neither the assembly or worker exist with the given names.

  6. spatial project deployement worker-flag *
    All of the available commands here REQUIRE a projectname, but the project context should already be set by virtue of it being a project command (like the rest of the project commands)

I’ll add more as I find them, i’m going through each command for a C# wrapper i’m making.


I’ve opened some bugs for those issues and added them to our backlog.

Cheers for reporting!