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Spatial tool for Windows Linux Subsystem?


I’m forced into using Windows for VR development and would love it if the spatial tool supported the Windows Linux Subsystem. Any chance this might happen?


Hello @justin,

The spatial command-line tool is currently supported on Windows (in Git-Bash officially, although using it in PowerShell should be fine too) and macOS. Linux support exists but is currently experimental and focused on the C++ SDK.

You could try out the Linux version of the tool on WSL but we cannot guarantee any kind of support or help if you run into issues beyond just trying to think things through with you. We have not tested such a setup for ourselves though.

Overall I would rather suggest that you use something like Git-Bash if you really want to have your Bash terminal available on Windows.

Sorry if this does not provide the exact solution you are looking for but I do hope that this gives you the necessary ideas about what you can try out and expect, as well as what is supported. Also do not hesitate to reach out if you encounter any particular issues so the forum community can see whether they have encountered similar things and offer their own experience.

Best regards,