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Spatial VSCode Extension



I’ve been trying to switch from Visual Studio (heavy) to VS Code (lightweight) for my Unity programming, and I’ve found that there are some specific things I really enjoy about VS Code; chief among those is that I can work from the root of my project (that’s the SpatialOS project, not the Unity one) and keep all my editing in a single IDE. I started playing around with this and have pushed out an extension for VS Code that has some built-in SpatialOS goodies. It’s pretty lightweight right now, but as I continue working on my own project, I’ll undoubtedly add functionality to the extension to support my needs. There’s also a healthy todo list of things to add as I take breaks here and there from my day job and working on Moongate.

You can find the source in my GitHub here –

Or, if you prefer you can grab it directly from the Extension Marketplace here –

(or if you don’t like browsers; you can simply search the marketplace for “Spatial” from inside the IDE and install it directly there)