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SpatialOS 10.3?



Has this come out yet?

Wondering if I had missed the announcement.


I don’t think it’s out yet but they teased some of the features. I’m hoping really soon! :grin:


Hey @Rhynedahll,

You didn’t miss any announcement :slight_smile:

We’re busy testing 10.3 at the moment - hoping to have it in your hands soon! :support:



Cool. Excellent. :slight_smile:


That is good to hear! I can not wait for the UE4 fixes / improvements (hoping they make it into 10.3 and not 10.3.1 or something :smiley: )


@Tom316 my understanding is that 10.3 is largely that: the first actual proper version of the UE4 SDK.


Hey @Tom316 / @holyavengerone - 10.3 will contain some bug fixes and improvements (there are details in my previous post). It’s important to note that Unreal support will still be marked as experimental, though. We have lots of improvements in the roadmap past the upcoming version! :slight_smile:



Please elaborate on the “lots of improvements” in regards UE4.

We had adapted our schedule to wait upon a significant UE4 SDK release, which, considering the fundamental changes that will be necessary in our project, means we are almost at a standstill.

The current demos and documentation, while interesting, provide little actual utility.


I’m hoping that atleast for UE4 that the garbage collection crashes are cleaned up some so that the workers are not crashing as bad as they are. Will be interesting to see what you guys have in the works. :slight_smile:


@morrison, Awesome! I for one am Super Duper (yes it gets a Duper! :D) Excited for 10.3.0 release and all the updates/fixes/additions added for UE4! I can’t wait! Hurry up and release it already! prod prod


The release is out. :slight_smile:

See the full post for more details.


!!! OMG now it is official … a love hate relationship has been formed with you guys. Hmm, to study for finals (for my Masters in Comp Sci (not easy)) or to study SpatialOS … :scream: :scream: :scream: … SpatialOS it is … at least for a little bit :)!


Maybe also tag it in the Release sub-forum?