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SpatialOS 11/12 Runtime Release Notes: 8 February 2018



Release notes:

  • Fixed a bug where entity metadata (e.g. name) was not correctly provided to the inspector
  • Fixed an instance of misleading error logs relating to port allocations when shutting down local deployments
  • Fixed a bug where successfully taking snapshot could produce a spurious error message
  • Fixed a bug where the information about authoritative workers for an entity was not correctly provided to the inspector
  • Improved logging around when entities try to leave the world bounds and get deleted
  • Fixed a bug in runtime-worker communication when critical sections were disabled

SpatialOS 11/12 Runtime Release: 8 February 2018

Update: this update has been rolled back as of 14:08 UTC on 8 Feb 2018

Deployments started after this time will be on the previous release of the runtime. We have rolled back the update while we investigate an issue with additional components being sent to workers.
As runtime selection is automatic, no user action is needed.