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Everything went pretty smoothly once I went through all my scripts and re-wrote them all for the new position component and altered my old one to only support rotations.

I got to the last step in the instructions and did what it said:

X. Update your worker configurations

In your spatialos..worker.json files, replace the IMPROBABLE_RECEPTIONIST_IP placeholder by IMPROBABLE_RECEPTIONIST_HOST.

And then ran my instance, but got

ERRO [improbable.worker.exec.WorkerStartupExecutor] SpatialOS-internal error: Failed to substitute command line arguments, [arguments=[+appName, {IMPROBABLE_PROJECT_NAME}, +receptionistIp, {IMPROBABLE_RECEPTIONIST_IP}, +receptionistPort, {IMPROBABLE_RECEPTIONIST_PORT}, +workerType, UnityWorker, +workerId, UnityWorker2, +useInternalIpForBridge, true, +infraServicesUrl,, +assemblyName, local_assembly, +linkProtocol, RakNet, -logfile, {IMPROBABLE_LOG_FILE}, -batchmode, -nographics], workerId=UnityWorker2, receptionistHost=$]
improbable.common.substitution.SubstitutionException: Unsupported substitution key: IMPROBABLE_RECEPTIONIST_IP

Turns out I had to run

spatial clean

Again and then

spatial codegen
spatial worker build

And it worked fine. Just thought I’d post as the order in the docs is confusing, and someone else might run into this :wink:


Good spot! You actually only need to do spatial worker build (it automatically calls spatial codegen) after making the change, but you are right that we missed that.

We’ll get it fixed!