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SpatialOS 11+ Runtime Release Notes: 14th May 2019


Note: These changes apply to the runtime of all SpatialOS 11+ SDK versions.

Next time you deploy locally or remotely, you’ll automatically receive the latest version, so you don’t need to do anything to upgrade.


  • :bug: Fixed a bug where the spatialos_worker_connected metric was incorrect.
  • :bug: Fixed a bug where spatialos_command_* metrics were missing and the “Debug entities and commands” dashboard graphs would be empty.
  • :bug: Fixed a bug where requests to reserve entity IDs, create entities, delete entities, and send entity queries didn’t always honour the specified request timeout.


  • :hammer_and_pick: Response ops from reserving entity IDs, creating entities, deleting entities, and sending entity queries now contain more consistent status codes and error messages in cases where they would previously just contain an internal error status code. Additionally, several Runtime log messages containing additional details on why a request has failed have been added in cases where the failure was likely caused by a programming error on the worker side.
  • :hammer_and_pick: Runtime warning log messages about failing entity creation and deletion requests now include details about the worker that sent the request.
  • :hammer_and_pick: Improved the entity database’s throughput of component updates for user-defined components.
SpatialOS 11+ Runtime Release: 14th May 2019

This release was rolled back while we are investigating unexpected reported issues with it.