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SpatialOS 11+ Runtime Release Notes: 1st July 2019

Note: These changes apply to the runtime of all SpatialOS 11+ SDK versions.

Next time you deploy locally or remotely, you’ll automatically receive the latest version, so you don’t need to do anything to upgrade.


  • :bug: Fixed a bug where bridge ports would not be deallocated correctly after bridges shut down.
  • :bug: Fixed a bug where a bridge could send a remove component op together with an authority loss imminent op before authority is lost.
  • :bug: Requests to reserve entity IDs, create entities, delete entities, and send entity queries now properly honour the specified request timeout. If you want to preserve the previous behavior, you need to change your worker code to no longer pass the optional deadline argument to these requests.
  • :bug: Fixed a bug where the spatialos_entity_created, spatialos_entity_deleted and spatialos_entity_count metrics wouldn’t be reported correctly.

Known issues

  • :exclamation: When dynamically adding and removing a component again in quick succession, the authoritative worker can receive AddComponent and RemoveComponent ops for this component that it isn’t supposed to see.
  • :exclamation: Authority handover timeouts for authority loss imminent notifications are not applied on a per-worker, per-component basis as documented. Instead, authorityHandoverTimeoutMs values in the bridge configuration for any worker type currently apply to all worker types. In particular, this means that setting a default section authority timeout will enable authority loss imminent notifications for all components on all worker types, unless overridden in the perComponentSettings.
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