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SpatialOS 11+ Runtime Release Notes: 24 July 2019

Note: These changes apply to the runtime of all SpatialOS 11+ SDK versions.

Next time you deploy locally or remotely, you’ll automatically receive the latest version, so you don’t need to do anything to upgrade.


  • “Replace a worker” semantics have been changed to not allow managed server workers to be used as replacing workers. This means that workers started by the load balancing system [i.e. not externally connected workers] cannot be used to replace other workers started by the load balancing system. Only workers started manually can be used to replace other workers.

  • Changed the format of worker log messages sent through the worker connection to the Runtime. They are now logged by a logger called WorkerLogMessageHandler instead of EngineLogMessageHandler.

Known issues (unchanged since last release)

  • :exclamation: When dynamically adding and removing a component again in quick succession, the authoritative worker can receive AddComponent and RemoveComponent ops for this component that it isn’t supposed to see.
  • :exclamation: Authority handover timeouts for authority loss imminent notifications are not applied on a per-worker, per-component basis as documented. Instead, authorityHandoverTimeoutMs values in the bridge configuration for any worker type currently apply to all worker types. In particular, this means that setting a default section authority timeout will enable authority loss imminent notifications for all components on all worker types, unless overridden in the perComponentSettings .