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SpatialOS 11 Runtime Release Notes: 31 July 2017



Note: These changes apply to the runtime of all SpatialOS 11 SDK versions.

Next time you deploy locally or remotely, you’ll automatically receive the latest version, so you don’t need to do anything to upgrade.

  • :bug: Fixed managed Unreal workers failing to start up in the cloud because of missing read permissions.
  • :bug: Fixed a bug that would cause commands from workers to fail with INTERNAL_ERROR: NOT_FOUND in some circumstances.
  • :bug: Fixed a bug that would time out entity creation system commands instead of failing them when trying to create an entity outside of the world boundaries.
  • :bug: Fixed a bug where some entities would be being displayed as no entity type in the Inspector.
  • :hammer_pick: The runtime will no longer upload partial snapshots if snapshotting is aborted due to an error.

SpatialOS 11 Runtime Release: 31 July 2017