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SpatialOS 11+ Runtime Release Notes: 3rd June 2019

Note: These changes apply to the runtime of all SpatialOS 11+ SDK versions.

Next time you deploy locally or remotely, you’ll automatically receive the latest version, so you don’t need to do anything to upgrade.


  • :hammer_and_pick: Removed a Runtime error that could be triggered by workers taking too long to connect, but didn’t actually crash the Runtime.
  • :hammer_and_pick: Runtime warning log messages about failing entity creation and deletion requests now include details about the worker that sent the request.
  • :hammer_and_pick: Response ops from reserving entity IDs, creating entities, deleting entities, and sending entity queries now contain more consistent status codes and error messages in cases where they would previously just contain an internal error status code. Additionally, several Runtime log messages containing additional details on why a request has failed have been added in cases where the failure was likely caused by a programming error on the worker side.
  • :hammer_and_pick: Fixed a Runtime crash with the message “Internal error while processing load balancing tasks” that could be triggered by sending a command with a very short deadline.
  • :hammer_and_pick: Fixed the disconnect op error message when connecting an unknown worker type to a deployment.
  • :hammer_and_pick: Restored the accidentally removed Runtime log message printed when a worker successfully connects to the deployment.


  • :bug: Fixed a bug that could prevent connecting workers from ever gaining authority over delegated entities despite their EntityAcl components being set up correctly.
  • :bug: Fixed several bugs where multiple overlapping streaming queries on a single worker could lead to inconsistent view data being sent to that worker.
  • :bug: Fixed streaming queries not properly being cleaned up after the worker triggering them disconnects, which could lead to the Runtime slowing down or crashing.
  • :bug: Fixed a bug that could lead to workers losing interest over authoritative entities when using chunk-based and query-based interest at the same time.
  • :bug: Fixed a bug where the spatialos_worker_connected metric was incorrect.
  • :bug: Fixed a bug where spatialos_command_* metrics were missing and the “Debug entities and commands” dashboard graphs would be empty.

Known issues

  • :exclamation: When dynamically adding and removing a component again in quick succession, the authoritative worker can receive AddComponent and RemoveComponent ops for this component that it isn’t supposed to see.
  • :exclamation: Authority handover timeouts for authority loss imminent notifications are not applied on a per-worker, per-component basis as documented. Instead, authorityHandoverTimeoutMs values in the bridge configuration for any worker type currently apply to all worker types. In particular, this means that setting a default section authority timeout will enable authority loss imminent notifications for all components on all worker types unless overridden in the perComponentSettings.
  • :exclamation: Requests to reserve entity IDs, create entities, delete entities, and send entity queries don’t honor the specified request timeout, which will be fixed in an upcoming release. If you want to preserve the existing behavior once this fix is released, you need to change your worker code to no longer pass a deadline for these requests.
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