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SpatialOS 14.3.0 released

This release contains several bug fixes and improvements.

What’s New?

  • Single Port moves to stable - now with TCP support
  • New API: Worker SDK C# bindings
  • Compatibility with PS4 SDK version 6.5
  • The default port for the Locator has been changed from 444 to 443
  • Visual C++ 2017 redistributable is now required
    • We have upgraded the version of Visual Studio used to build the Worker SDK from version 2015 to 2017. It is very likely that you already have a recent version of the redistributable installed and so will not need to do anything.

Single Port moves to stable

Our Single Port stack moves into stable with the recent addition of TCP support. There have also been a number of changes and improvements to the KCP implementation (release notes). We have renamed Modular UDP to Modular KCP as part of this change.

This now brings feature parity with our existing “multi-port” stack. The new stack lays the foundations for all future network optimisation work and also reduces the firewall configuration requirements for our customers and users to be able to connect to a Runtime.

We recommend the new stack for all new development and encourage all existing users to migrate to the new Modular KCP and Modular TCP connection types.

New API: Worker SDK C# bindings

We have exposed the Worker SDK C# bindings as a fully-supported API. Conceptually they sit between the Worker SDK in C and the Worker SDK in C#, as they provide C# language bindings for all C API functions but don’t come with high-level features like code generation.

What’s Going Away?

  • The Worker SDK in Java is now deprecated and will be removed in version 15.0
  • The RakNet and KCP network stacks are now deprecated and will be removed in version 15.0