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SpatialOS 9 Runtime Release Notes: 28th Feb



Note: These changes apply to the runtime of all SpatialOS 9 SDK versions.

Next time you deploy locally or remotely, you’ll automatically receive the latest version, so you don’t need to do anything to upgrade. Sit back, relax, and enjoy the latest improvements!

:hammer_pick: Improvements

  • Improved logging when a deployment fails to start up.
  • Improved error messages when workers cannot be started because a cloud machine is out of disk space.

:bug: Bugfixes

  • Fixed a bug where workers would fail to connect and BindException: Address already in use errors would be logged.
  • Fixed a bug where streaming queries would stop receiving updates.
  • Fixed a bug where the Inspector would display components still assigned to a stopped worker.
  • Fixed a bug where raw logs could not be accessed for managed workers in the cloud.
  • Fixed a bug where local deployments would not start up correctly on machines with specific network configurations.
  • Fixed a bug where components would never be assigned to new workers anymore if they remain unsatisfied for too long.
  • Fixed a bug where workers would disconnect with bad file descriptor errors.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented dynamic load balancing from being used together with hexgrid worker placement.
  • Fixed a bug where no logs would be written to disk for local deployments on Windows.
  • Fixed a bug that could cause key not found: claim errors when processing commands from workers.
  • Fixed managed workers failing to start with Worker Startup Executor failed to get receptionist IP via rpc error.