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SpatialOS Alpha FAQs



SpatialOS Alpha FAQs

What is included in the Alpha?

See: SpatialOS Alpha: What’s Included.

What worker types do you support?

We support Unity as a first-class integration and Unreal as experimental. If we’re missing your favourite engine, or you want to try out building your own custom worker, we have experimental C# and Java worker SDKs that you can build against.

I want to sign up with a different identity provider - will you support it any time soon?

We’re looking into additional providers, starting with the most popular first.

How much is this going to cost me after the Alpha?

Eventually we will introduce usage based pricing.

What regions can I deploy in?

Both a US and an EU cluster are available during the Alpha.

When is the Beta?

Once everything is good and ready for prime time, we’ll move on to a Beta. Once you’re signed up, we’ll keep you in the loop with future updates!

Something missing?

If your question isn’t answered above, feel free to create a new topic. We’ll integrate common questions here!

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