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SpatialOS CLI Release: 15 February 2019


We’ve rolled out a new version of the SpatialOS CLI today. It contains improvements to the flexible project layout and the development authentication service.

Changes to the flexible project layout:

  • spatial local launch, spatial cloud upload and spatial cloud launch no longer work with FPL projects anymore. Please use the respective alpha commands (spatial alpha local launch, spatial alpha cloud upload and spatial alpha cloud launch) going forward.
  • Changed the signature of the spatial alpha cloud upload and spatial alpha cloud launch CLI commands: Replaced all positional arguments with mandatory flags. For more information, please run the commands with the --help flag.
  • Removed the --optimize_for_runtime_v2 CLI flag and added a new --using_old_loadbalancer flag for spatial alpha local launch . We now optimize for the new Runtime by default. Please set the --using_old_loadbalancer flag if you want to start a local deployment with the old Runtime.
  • Merged the content of the world configuration file ( world.json ) into the launch configuration file. We no longer support using the world configuration file.
  • Added a streamingQueryInterval field to the launch configuration file.
  • Added a launchConfig field in the project configuration file.
  • Added loginRateLimit and connectionCapacityLimit fields to the client-worker configuration file.
  • Added launcherCommand and launcherArguments fields to the uploadConfiguration section of the client-worker configuration file.

Changes to the development authentication service:

  • spatial project auth dev-auth-token create now outputs its response in json format.
  • spatial project auth dev-auth-token create now returns a tokenSecret which you can use instead of the token id to authenticate with the development authentication service. Using the token id for authentication is still supported but will be deprecated in the future.

These changes apply regardless of your SpatialOS SDK version once you’ve updated your CLI version.

You can get the latest version by running spatial update from the command line. The latest version is 20190214.171906.a967bbef54.

To revert the update, run spatial update --rollback.

Happy coding!