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SpatialOS CLI Release: 27 November 2019

we’ve rolled out a new version of the SpatialOS CLI today which changes the port we use to connect to our externally exposed Platform gRPC services from 444 to 443.

If you encounter any issue please make sure your firewall is set to allow outbound TCP connections to port 443 as per Network Settings. This was an existing requirement so if you already followed the Network Settings for your setup no further action should be required.

This is part of our efforts to provide enhanced protection from DDoS attacks.
Please update your SpatialOS CLI version ahead of the deadline of Thursday, 5th December on which port 444 will be officially deprecated.

These changes apply regardless of your SpatialOS SDK version once you’ve updated your CLI version.
You can get the latest version by running spatial update from the command line. The latest version is 20191125.203150.3993fbd64a.

To revert the update, run spatial update --rollback.