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SpatialOS CLI release: 30 April 2018


We rolled out a new version of SpatialOS CLI today with the following changes:

  • spatial update command now supports rolling back to previous version of the CLI with spatial update --rollback.
  • Improvements to CLI outputs and debug logging, making it more useful and less verbose.
  • Fix to the rubbish output, such as { 0 0 0 false false 0 <nil> {0 0} <nil> {{0 0} 0}} being printed at the beginning of execution.

You can get the latest version by running spatial update from the command line.

EDIT: The latest version is 20180430.154009.9a0e29b7cc - it fixes the rubbish being printed to the console that was introduced in 20180427.104855.63ab60b03f.

To revert the update to previous version, run spatial update --rollback.